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The UN World Central Bank


The monetary architecture of the TFD is  to be administered by the UN World Central Bank. It is similar to the European Central Bank which takes care of the Euro and the balance of payments of its member states, though it does not have the fiscal authority that this Bank has. . The Bank takes also care of fixing the carbon-based exchange rate on a quint annual basis, following the findings of the IPCC.. The Bank also engages in the equitable creation of liquidity, making its allocations based on population rathter than a quota system such as the IMF. It also monitors and regulates capital flows. It promotes among its member states the shift from privately owned to pubilcly owned banking systems, so that money creation becomes the sole responsibility of their treasury departments. For indepth information on the Bank and its functions consult the Yale/UNITAR formulation of the TFD in the IIMT documents section.