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Types of Actions and Support

There are many ways to support the Tierra Solution and its TIMU architecture. The most important type is the strategic and tactical support by increasing its acceptance by all sectors of society, so that governments become serious in transforming the monetary, financial, economic and trade systems by drafting and ratifying a TIMU Treaty as soon as possible.

A close secondary is support by contributing financial and human resources to the Institute. Those very strongly interested in embracing this Tierra Solution should apply to become IIMT Associates or Fellows.

Besides having individual  persons sign the Petition listed at the home page, organizations can engage in an O-SOS--An Organizational Statement of Support of which more information is  available by clicking O-SOS to the left.

A third way of strategic and tactical support can be achieved by organizing an event where people can individually contribute in signing a Declaration for the Transformation of the international monetary system. Clicking on Declaration to the left brings you to the above declaration. 

Finally, readers can discuss the various numbered paragraphs of the Tierra Manifesto of 2009, which emphasizes the principles, policies and programs in this pivotal or axial year of 2009 with its many important summits, meetings and conferences. More than the petition, the O-SOS and the Declaration the Manifesto presents in greater detail the theory and principles underlying the Tierra Solution and its TIMU architecture.

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, do it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."

Johann Goethe