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Structure and process


  • IIMT is a transinstitution, which means it incorporates governmental, business and civil society individuals and organizations. It is used in the sense of the 2008 State of the Future publication, which is part of the Millennium Project of the World Federation of UN Associations.
  • As a transinstitution IIMT consists of national and international governmental bodies or officials, national and international business organizations or officials, national and international Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) or representatives
  • These members can be subscribers, associates, fellows and senior fellows.
  • Ideally, the three sectors should be equally represented on the Board of Directors with a similar representation of organizations from the global South.
  • Major decisions are made by consensus, so that none of the three sectors will dominate in this transinstitution.
  • Most of the Institute’s operations will be performed electronically, using real-time Delphi and other electronic decision-making techniques.
  • Its website and its various features are governed by a website committee approved by the IIMT Board of Directors
  • Given the location of the UN Headquarters and Wall Street, the Institute would be located in New York City, initially as part of PACE University which has a strong business orientation and which has shown solid interest from the very early beginnings in the TIMU proposal.
  • Like the Federation of UNA Millennium Project’s decision-making nodes, the Institute is to network with existing governmental, business and civil society organizations engaged in studying a new monetary/financial architecture.
  • The IIMT will be applying for ECOSOC consultative status, so that it is able to present its policy positions to the respective UN organizations.
  • Payment of the initial expenditures are made by the members of the Institute.
  • Financial resources are derived from the Institute’s products and services and outside funding.
  • The decision of converting the TIMU Yahoo working group into  IIMT was made after the senior advisor of the UN GA President Commission of Experts on Monetary and Financial Crises publicly determined the idea of a carbon account in the Balance of Payments in order to solve the economic crisis through solving the climate crisis to be “a brilliant idea” on January 15, 2009. IIMT hopes to work very closely with the Presidential Commission, whose activities are described here
  • The IIMT website was launched during the middle of March 2009, though the initial launching date was scheduled to be during the week of February 8, 2009 when US  Secretary of the Treasury, Timothy Geithner, launched his “Financial Stability Plan”.